Current CAMPAIGN:  Strategic plan 2017-2020

Passing on traditions.

Blackfoot Headdress and Suiox headdress

Photo taken at Saipoyi Elementary Community School Feb. 2018


Kainai Board of Education facilitates traditional practices of the Blackfoot.  The 2017-2020 Strategic Plan indicates in the Core Values:

Blackfoot Confederacy

Traditional Learning


Academic Achievement

Communication: Aiyisstsiiyoi'pa


Respect: Ainammotsiiyio'pa

Blackfoot Identity

Language and Culture 

Vision Statement: 

Koko'sinnooniksi maahkoohkotsistapii'tsissaawa kitsi'powahsinnooni kii kipaitapiwahsinnooni Ooki Maahkkoohkotsistapi'tsisaawa Kainaysinni Aahkohtotsistapi'tsimiaawa Kainaysinni

Mission Statement:

To provide a traditional environment to learn our way of life through the transfer of knowledge for lifelong learning

Executive Summary:

Mandated by the Blood Tribe, Chief and Council, the Kainai Board of Education carries out the operations and functions for the delegation of education service in the Kainai community.  Having adopted the Kainaysinni, the Declaration of the Elders of Kainai, this Strategic Plan for 2017-2020 demonstrates the Kainai Board of Education's Commitment ot excellence in education for the members of Kainaiwa.