Dedicated experts with a proven record of success.


Board Team Members

These members address strategic plan and policy development and meet monthly with TECH Team Members, quarterly with professional Team Members and bi-annually with Community Members.  


Delia Twigg

Lionel Weasel Head

Sheila Fox

Sylvia Old Shoes

Mike Bruised Head


TECH Team Members

These members meet twice monthly (once with AD-Hoc group discussion and the other with TECH General Meeting) to address management roles and responsibilities and follow-up assignments; this group will ensure continuity and consistency of the program.  


Patrick Twigg

Rosella Many Bears
Assistant Coordinator 

Conroy Saddleback
Blackfoot Studies IT/ Studio Coordinator

Richard Fox

Lauretta Many Bears


Jacinta Fox
Early Learning

Lydia First Rider
HR Policy

Stacy Weasel Head

Annette Bruised Head

Charlene Gros Ventre Boy

Administrative Assistant/Our Muscle

Genevieve Bruised Head

Henry Big Throat
Red Crow Community College



Program Level

This group will meet quarterly to ensure knowledge transfer and sonsistency. 


One administrator representative from each School & Blackfoot Teachers
Saipoyi Community School

Kainai High School

Tatsikiisaapo'p Middle School

Aahsaoopi Elementary School
Kainai Alternate Academy